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1) Download and view your unique School Uniform PDF Catalog from your Schools Homepage. You can choose to print your catalog or just view it online.

2) Choose ONE of the two Order Form options available to you. You can use either method from your Schools Homepage Uniform Tools: Interactive Order Form, or PDF Order Form.

3) Decide what items you want to order and fill out your Order Form.

4) Bring your completed Order Form to the store with you when you visit. This makes your visit a smoother, quicker experience. Adjustments to your selections can be made in store.


Plan Ahead.
Being prepared by knowing what you want to order before visiting a store will make things quicker for you.  Sizes can be decided when you get here.

Leave your size blank.
If you want a specific size, go ahead and tell us the size. If you want a Donnelly’s Rep to fit your student, leave the size blank or mark it “Fit Child”.

You can adjust your order if necessary later on.
A change of sizes keeps your discount in place, but adding items later will cost you more. So the technique would be to order what you think you might need, then adjust the volume down later if necessary.

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