Policies and Procedures

[A] When To Order: Order by JUNE 15th if you absolutely need clothing by September. There is NO reason to delay your order because we exchange sizes for correct fit and we refund deposits if you need to cancel an order. (see Sec5D) Orders placed after JUNE 15th are considered late and can not be guaranteed ready for back to school. (see Sec2B & 2D)

[B] How To Order: An order can be placed:
– At a school measurement (If offered, the date and time is published).
– At any Donnelly’s store location (Any in-stock item is available immediately). (see Sec3)
– By mail to our Cranston location.
– By phone or internet with a credit card (we accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express).

[C] How Much To Order: We service uniforms YEAR-ROUND. There is no need to over order, however you should consider buying at least two sets so that one can be worn while the other set is in the wash. (see Sec5C)

[D] Deposit and Payments: A minimum $20 deposit is required for all orders and backorders. For orders and backorders under $20, payment in full may be required. For custom orders, monogrammed orders and backorders, and orders with a unique circumstance, payment in full may be required. Deposits of any size are completely transferable and/or refundable when in compliance with Donnelly’s Cancellation Policies. (see Sec4C & Sec5D) Balance is due upon order completion.

[A] Early Orders, Placed By June 15th: An order confirmation is (e)mailed home for all orders received by mail, phone and at a school measurement. All Early Orders will be processed by July 4th. Orders, partial or complete, are available for pickup or delivery at this time. (see Sec3)

[B] Late Orders, Placed After June 15th: Orders are processed while you wait at our store locations. Most phone and mail orders are processed within 24 to 48 hrs. Actual processing time depends on the volume of orders being handled at the time an order is placed. Any in-stock item is available immediately. (see Sec3)

[C] Change Orders: Are allowed either prior to notification of order completion, prior to shipment for home deliveries or while an order is being picked up. (see Sec3)

[D] Backorders: Are an inconvenient part of the school uniform business. Not only do they hold up an order, but it also costs Donnelly’s more to process an order. We do everything possible to reduce product shortages. But, we can never totally eliminate them. Most backorders are filled within 2 to 4 weeks. However, please allow up to 10 weeks for temporarily out of stock items. (see Sec1A)

[A] Store Pickup: You will be notified by (e)mail when your order is 100% complete. In case of a backorder, you will receive a ‘partial’ communication to respond to. A partially complete order can be picked-up at any time. (see Sec2D, Sec4, Sec5D)

[B] School Delivery: If offered, the date and time is published on order confirmations and sometimes on school provided documents. You
will be reminded by (e)mail approximately two weeks before the delivery date. (see Sec4, Sec5D)

[C] Home Shipping: For Paid and Credit Card Orders- Orders will be shipped when 100% or mostly complete. There is no additional shipping charge for multiple shipments on the same order. For Unpaid Orders- You will be notified by (e)mail when your order is 100% complete indicating ‘payment now due’. In case of a backorder, you will receive a ‘partial’ communication for you to respond to. NOTE: Order delivery is expedited if payment is arranged prior to its completion. This is not mandatory, however, valuable time can be saved during the busy season by having your order prepaid or having a valid credit card on record for the balance due. (see Sec4, Sec5)

[A] Bad Checks: There is a $20 returned check fee applied to each occurrence. Balance due, including the fee, is required within 3 days of certified notification. If a replacement payment is not received or if a payment plan is not established, the account is referred to a collection agency. The customer may be responsible to pay for costs incurred by Donnelly’s attempting to recover payment. Replacement payment should be in the form of cash, money order, or credit card; and at the discretion of the business office manager, another check.

[B] Declined or Bad Credit Cards: For Orders Already Delivered- Balance due is required within 3 days of notification. If a replacement payment is not received or if a payment plan is not established, the same rules as for a bad check apply. (see Sec4A) For Orders Not Yet Delivered- A postcard or email is sent to notify of a balance due. It is the customers’ responsibility to respond to this postcard to avoid possible delays with delivery or even automatic cancellation of order. (see Sec5D)

[C] Refunds: If unable to provide an in-store cash refund or merchandise credit, refund checks and merchandise credits are mailed every 14 business days. (see Sec5B)

[Sec5] CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-498-0045
[A] Mission Statement: Our goal is to satisfy your school uniform requirements in a way which is fast, friendly and fair. The seasonality of our business dictates the way we need to conduct business during the three busy summer months versus the quiet other nine months. Please call if you are experiencing a problem and we can help.

[B] Returns and Exchanges: Mail items to Cranston with a note explaining what you would like us to do for you, or bring items to one of our store locations. An item which has not been worn, washed or altered, is in resaleable condition and still valid for school use, can be returned for refund or exchange as follows:
For cash or exchange within 30 days of receipt of item. Thereafter, for merchandise credit equal to the price paid for the item up to one year after receipt of item. (see Sec4C) A receipt must accompany all returns. Without a receipt, returns may be subject to a restocking fee of 20% -based on the items’ two year lowest price. Without a receipt, returns may be completely rejected without further explanation. Donnelly’s reserves the right to reject any return which is deemed not to be in resaleable condition. NOTE: Leeway is granted for ‘winter items’ received in summer which are in need of return at the beginning of winter the same year.

[C] Quality Issues: Donnelly’s and its manufacturers stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our clothing and fabrics. If a product fails through regular use, it shall be repaired or replaced, whichever is warranted. (see Sec5B) NOTE: Our products are made with students’ daily wear in mind. However, this does not make them indestructible. Products which become damaged as a result of misuse or overuse are disqualified from warranties. Instances such as, but not limited to: holes in knees, scissors cuts, excessive washing, and stress tears in fabric due to a poor fit.

[D] Cancellation Policy: An order or backorder may be canceled by a customer any time up to one month after notification of its completion. Within that time, deposits are fully transferable and/or refundable as long as the items are still valid for school use. For custom orders, monogrammed orders and backorders, and orders with a unique circumstance, cancellation may not be permitted at certain points of order completion. Donnelly’s reserves the right to determine the outcome of these circumstances. Complete orders which have been held by Donnelly’s for one month waiting for the customer to make final payment or to pick it up, will automatically be taken apart. In this instance all payments on this order, regardless the amount, will be lost due to the expense incurred by Donnelly’s to hold those items aside and not to be sold to another customer. NOTE: Donnelly’s notifies customers by (e)mail or phone call at least once upon completion of order and once upon imminent cancellation of order. It is the customers responsibility to attend to his/her order. Leeway is granted when a customer seeks to pick up an order which has been canceled by us within the same month of the request.

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