Frequent RIPTA Uniform Questions

How Do I Get Uniforms?

We carry your uniform year-round which means you can order (or buy) any item you need, at any point in the year. However, we ask you to plan ahead and follow our ordering guidelines so that we have enough time to manufacture all the unique items which make up your Career Uniform.

There are 4 ways to order your uniforms.
  1. At a Store Location (By Appointment Only)
  2. By Phone
  3. By Mail
  4. On-Site Fitting Event at your Workplace
There are 3 ways to get your uniforms.
  1. At a Store Location (By Appointment Only)
  2. By Mail
  3. At your Workplace via Order Drop

How do I make an appointment to visit a Store location?

Due to the nature of our business, all store visits are by appointment only. Please see Visiting a Donnelly’s Clothing Store and read all the requirements to schedule an appointment.

Is there a deadline to order uniforms?

Yes. The Order Deadline for your uniform is December 31st! Of course we service your company year round and we will fill orders whenever we get them. However, your company stipend will expire at the end of the year and the remaining amount will not roll over to the next year.

Are my Uniforms In-Stock?

Donnelly’s carries the largest inventory in the northeast. In most cases orders can be filled while you wait, embroidery included. But remember that your company has multiple items that have unique details. At times there will be back-ordered items which will require you to wait for delivery.

What is the Best Ordering Strategy?

The best ordering strategy is to visit the store where we have samples to try on and the staff can assist you with questions and details.

Why is it so busy in the store and on the phone in July and August?

We are mainly a “Back to School” company. Thus, most of our customer base is converging on us during these months. Please know this and plan accordingly.

What if I have an item that needs to be returned or exchanged?

Items that have already been monogrammed can still be returned. The only requirement is that an item has not been worn, washed, or altered can be returned or exchanged. Due to the circumstances with your company stipend, rules apply to the finances concerning refund credits.

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