Ordering Instructions and General Information
There are 3 locations to place logo’s. Position #1 is on the back, between the shoulderblades. Position #2 is on the Right Arm. Position #3 is on the Left Arm. Only 1 logo can be selected for Position #1 and up to 5 logo’s can be selected for each of Position #2 and #3. You can also choose to add a Name & Number to Position #2 and #3. You can also choose to have NO logo’s

Each location requires a response while ordering. Even if you are not selecting a logo for a position, you must select NO as the response. When selecting multiple logo’s for position #2 or #3, choose the appropriate number in the dropdown for each location.

To select which logo’s you want us to put in the different locations, first view the logo choices below, then use the following format: