Maroon Brushed Cotton Twill Hook-and-Loop Cap Spiritwear w/ Logo
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  • Donnelly's uniform products are built for a student's daily use. They are both durable and comfortable. Uniform clothing is very different in this respect from clothing purchased at retail stores. You can expect our clothing to last longer than department store clothing.
  • Items sold as part of a Spiritwear Store, Team Uniform or a Corporate Uniform Program are generally very unique items and therefore can not be returned for exchange or refund. Make sure of your correct size before ordering custom items.
  • Shipping time for Spiritwear Store orders is approximately two weeks. 

• CROWN: Low-Profile | Unstructured
• VISOR: Curved
• CLOSURE: Hook-and-Loop Adjustable
• FABRIC: Cotton
      -Fill a clean sink or bucket with cool water.
      -Add a tablespoon of laundry detergent or OxiClean.
      -Spot-check the hat first to be sure the detergent does not affect the color by only submerging a small section.
      -Let the hat soak in the soapy water for (up to) a couple of hours.
      -Rinse the soap off in entirety with warm water.
      -Pat down with a towel to get rid of excess moisture.
      -Air dry the cap on a container (coffee jar, balled up towel, etc.) to prevent it from crinkling.

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