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With so many items to choose from, Donnelly's is able to outfit your team no matter what industry, affiliation, or sport you are part of. We supply medical, service, public safety, industrial, tradesman, hospitality, sports (teams and champions), clubs, schools, office staff, restaurant, etc.
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Our product selections offer a wide range of qualities and prices. Name brand or generic, we can logo it for you.
• Service
For one time or occasional orders, bulk service is best. We offer minimums as low as 12 units for most items. For more frequent orders, or for groups who would prefer their members to buy direct from us, a full service program is recommended. Using a Custom Web Store, our customers can establish a Uniform Program for their members to visit and make purchases.


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Established in 1926, Donnelly's has a long tradition of quality products and family service.

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We take pride in knowing we offer the best value for your money by combining the right mix of quality products, competitive prices, and customer service.

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