Custom Web Stores


Frequently, schools will choose multiple service features to satify different aspects of their Uniform Program. Knowing that not all schools are alike, we are able to include only those Service Features which suit your needs. Donnelly's flexibility delivers real value to the customer.

• Custom Online School Stores

Any Uniform Program can be administered using our Custom Online School Stores. Imagine your website with a "Shop Our School Store" button. Now imagine the items, descriptions and requirements listed in that school store is the Uniform Program you established for your parents.

  • Full Uniform Programs
  • Spiritwear / PTO
  • Athletic Departments
  • Bookstores
  • Special Events or Roll Outs

Online access makes your Uniform Program available 24/7
and adds to your overall branding.


• In-School Events

An In-School Event is a scheduled visit to your school by Donnelly's representatives to conduct business with your parents on your campus. We bring the store to you.

  • Uniform Fittings / Order Taking
  • Uniform Deliveries / Sales
  • School Drops
  • Return / Exchange Opportunities
  • Campaign Presentations

There isn't any more convenient service than to bring our store to you.
Basically any business you may require of us can be done at an in-school event.


• In-Store

Donnelly's has 3 store locations. For our New England schools our stores serve a transaction location. If your school is not located near one of our stores, an In-School Event is a very convenient way to do business with Donnelly's because we bring the store to you.

  • Uniform Fittings / Order Taking
  • Uniform Deliveries / Sales
  • Return / Exchange

Any business you may require of us can be done at a store location.


• Bulk Ordering

Whenever a school or group purchases product (or Gift Cards) in volume, it is considered a Bulk Order. Bulk Orders receive discounts which vary from 5% to 40% off regular retail prices.

  • School Uniforms
  • Spiritwear
  • Special Event Product (walk-a-thon, Christmas Gifts, etc)
  • Bookstore Sales
  • PTO
  • Gift Cards / Script Program

With low minimum order requirements, Bulk Ordering can be a significant money saver for parents or fundraiser for schools.


• School Drops

Whenever a parent needs uniforms, she doesn't need to wait for a scheduled event or have to pay for shipping. We can get her order to school with free delivery. Packages are wrapped and paid for, ready for a student to take home with them. School Drop is also a convenient method to deliver Bulk Orders and Athletic Department Items. 

  • Individual Customer Orders
  • Bulk Order Delivery
  • Team Uniforms
  • Specialty Items

With the price of fuel being so high, Donnelly's offers cost saving - convenient ways for parents to conduct business.


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