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• Custom Web Store
Each school has their own unique online school uniform catalog for parents to shop in. Parents only see items which are part of their official school uniform, thus eliminating choosing wrong items during shopping. Parents are allowed to manage their account parameters to help enhance their shopping experience.
• Parent Access
Through their own secure homepage, customers can easily place orders, look up past orders and sizes, or communicate with Donnelly's Customer Service. Parents manage their whole family in one place regardless if their children are of different grades, genders or schools. Our customers enjoy one shopping cart transaction even when ordering for multiple children.
• Administrative Access
Administrators can track the status of their schools' delivery progress through their own secure homepage. Using the available tools, principals can view and print custom reports or just gather information using the quick graph.
• Spiritwear Program
As an extention to, or a replacement of your in-school spiritwear store, we can create an online custom web store which links directly from your school home page. Any item imaginable, customized in whatever way possible, can be sold in your web store. Tied into your online school uniform catalog, your web store will get maximum exposure.


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