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Establishing a new Uniform Program doesn't have to be a complicated process. The Donnelly's Sales Team takes a 3 step approach. We look to build a strong partnership in which we count years of service in decades.

• First - Choose Your Supplier
Like any good relationship, we begin by getting acquainted with each other. We learn about your needs and take time to tell you about us. During the conversation you will gain an understanding about our Quality Products, our Prices, our Value Added Features and Benefits, and most importantly, our Customer Service.

Choosing a capable School Uniform Supplier
will ensure the success of your Uniform Program.


• Second - Choose Your Uniform Items
Including hundreds of plaids, twills, knits, wovens and fleece, there are thousands of different uniform combinations. We are able to provide your current uniform look or help you design something totally new. Our variety helps to satisfy both economic needs as well as fashionable desires.

The only 'Brand Name' we worry about is yours.
Logo's on your uniforms is an extra feature, not an extra expense.


• Third - Choose Your Service Program
Each school has their own unique needs. One of the nice things about Donnelly's is that we have the ability to create a Service Program which suits your needs in the best way.

Service Programs built around choice and customization
makes the delivery process quick and easy.



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Family Tradition

Established in 1926, Donnelly's has a long tradition of quality products and family service.

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We take pride in knowing we offer the best value for your money by combining the right mix of quality products, competitive prices, and customer service.

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